It's almost time to throw yourself into the welcoming arms of the weekend and all of the non-worky pleasures she has to offer. But before you do, there's still time for a bit of a fun and quick re-cap on the week's business...SHOW BUSINESS, that is! Sorry.

Your host tonight is...
Former Saturday Night Live funnyman turned equally funny chat show host, Jimmy Fallon took over the chair on the prestigious Tonight Show in America. Why should you care? Because the guy did a barber shop quartet cover of R Kelly's Remix (Ignition). Enjoy.

Superhero Smash
We got to see the first full trailer for The Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest Marvel mega movie, which this time stars Chris Pratt off of Parks and Recreation, and Bradley Cooper, who voices a gun slinging raccoon. For real.

Not Just For Kids
It turned out that The Lego Movie isn't just the funniest kids movie of the year so far, but the funniest movie period. Check out some properly funny outtakes here.

Awards Week
Last Sunday was the BAFTAs, and then the  BRITs hit on Wednesday. Check out how the film lot did with their outfits here, and see if the music world hit the right notes here. Roll on the Oscars.

Worn to Win
We launched #WornToWin, the inaugural search for the best-dressed bro in the world. Get the skinny and enter here.

London’s Still Calling
It was a busy few days for the fashion world's finest as London Fashion Week wrapped up on Tuesday. Check out our round-up of the best street style here.