We've all been there. You know, that moment before you head on a swank night out, rummaging around your wardrobe/bedroom floor in search of a killer outfit, but ultimately have no idea what look to gun for.

In such cases, the answer should always be monochrome. Pulling on a few items in varying shades of black and white is the smartest (and easiest) way of looking good and, importantly, is pretty hard to get wrong. Just avoid white jeans, of course.

Take the outfit that Scottish design supremo Jonathan Saunders wore to show his latest collection at London Fashion Week, for instance. Granted, the man helms his own mega fashion label, so he would have to try extra hard to look bad, but he knows the key to keeping things smart, cool and relaxed (even under the scrutinising eye of the world's press) is striding out in black and white.