Starring Dominic Cooper, Fleming tells the story of, er, Ian Fleming. The man who created James Bond. A playboy in his own right, Fleming also worked in naval intelligence, so it’s easy to see where the idea of Bond came from. This slick, stylish biography follows Fleming from London society player and die-hard ladies' man, to best-selling author. Do we expect you to talk? No, we expect you to read...these five facts:

1. Goldeneye was the name of Fleming's Jamaican crash pad. Fleming claimed it was named after a WWII operation. 

2. Fleming wrote a total of 16 Bond books, all of which got made in to films.

3. He also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

4. Fleming didn't rate Sean Connery as Bond to begin with, but later realised he was perfect and gave Bond a Scottish heritage.

5. 'M' was Fleming's nickname for his mum!

Fleming starts tonight, at 9pm, on Sky Atlantic