You know you've hit the nail on the head when you find a leather jacket that doesn't make you look like the token 'edgy' member of a boy band. Such is the case with the spectacular borg-collared biker that Entourage's Ari Gold (a.k.a. Mr Selfridge, a.k.a Jeremy Piven) was seen in over the weekend.

The key to pulling off a leather biker jacket is simplicity. The more low-key the design, the easier it is to wear. Naturally, they look best when worn with a pair of dark slim or skinny fit jeans, but can also look good with heavy cotton or wool trousers. In both instances, adding a pair of Chelsea boots into the equation is a given.

Finally, if you're the kind of man who finds it easy to push style boundaries, opt for a jacket with a borg collar (i.e. the pimpin' sheepskin trim) or other cool design-details, like hefty zips, for a way to drive the look forward.