Talk about a strong squad… Directed by Danny Boyle, written by the men behind Peep Show and Fresh Meat, and starring some of the hottest Brit actors around, Babylon is a comedy drama with pedigree. Following the officers who work on the streets, and in the back office of a modern police force, Babylon has been described by us, right now, as 'The Wire meets The Office.' Here's the 411 on 5-0's new show:

1. Oscar winner, Danny Boyle, started his directing career on the small screen, working on TV movies.

2. Underworld's Rick Smith did the theme music.

3. Writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong started negotiations with Boyle in 2010. He's a busy dude.

4. The scripts had to be approved by the Metropolitan Police Force.

5. They were not allowed to use the word 'Met' when talking about the police force.

Babylon starts tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.