If, like us, your next polar expedition is a while off, but you still need a coat capable of withstanding icy blasts on the way back from the pub, outdoorsy Danish brand Fat Moose is on hand to kit you out from its wardrobe of hardwearing and handsome jackets. 

Founded in 2010, the peeps at Fat Moose know their way around clever, innovative fabrics that can weather even the worst storms. Heavy and down-filled, they've got all the benefits of a duvet when the elements are against you - but without the connotations of madness that wearing an actual duvet give off.

More good news - these bad boys are in the sale, which means you can pick one up for less than price of a Valentine's Day meal for two. Which, if your loved one is content with a 'free hugs' voucher and a home-cooked supper, is ideal.