There's a new brand on the block, lobbying for your attention (and hard-earned cash). Its name? Blood Brother

Here's everything you need to know about the latest name in streetwear:

What is it?
Every few months, East London gives birth to a new fashion brand, pushing out more cool clothes than we know what to do with. Blood Brother is one such brand; however, this is a menswear label that boasts progressive, envelope-pushing designs that deserve serious respect.

Why should you care?
The lovechild of long-time pals Nicholas Biela and James Waller, Blood Brother was founded in 2011 after a tender, beautiful bromance blossomed between the pair while studying at London College of Fashion and bonding over a common love of football. Backstories like this are rare in fashion, so we wanted to make some noise about it.

Who wears it? 
The current collection is called 'This is Hardcore', which explains the sci-fi meets bondage vibe we get from stuff like the patent leather bomber. Think 'sexy Darth Vader'. Seriously, though, there's some super fresh gear to be found here, most likely to be seen on the backs of photographers, graphic design students, and budding DJs passing though Hoxton Square on their way to a gig.

Wear it with:  
A statement pair of trainers, some skinny jeans and a vague air of aloofness, of course. The dark, gothic tone of this stuff makes it easy to wear. So go all-over monochrome for a cool, contemporary look. Or, alternatively, brighten it up by going for accessories with powerful punches of colour to them.

If it were a meal, what would it be? That thinly sliced steak that you cook yourself on a hot stone: satisfying, a bit unorthodox, but ultimately very tasty.