Good night January, hello February! We've spent the last month giving you exclusive daily stories daily to help make January Rock. But now it's time to emerge, blinking into the prospect of an epic 2014. With that in mind, here are 31 reasons why this year is gonna rock. 

1. The World Cup is in Brazil. The World Cup is happening this year. Brazil, The World Cup, parties, summer, football...don't you see!

2. At some point, this year, maybe more than once, you'll crack open a brand new pair of box fresh trainers. Looking for something a little different? Try the Nike Air Huarache.

3. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are starring in an awesome looking detective series, called, er, True Detective

4. Soon you'll be wearing a computer on your wrist. And we don't mean the ones with a calculator. SmartWatches are properly happening

5. The team behind HALO are back. This time with a brand new adventure and a whole new host of characters to obsess over. Welcome to Destiny.

6. Skateboarding is cool, and will remain cool for the rest of eternity. Need proof? Et voila

7. The Walking Dead is back on telly in February - WE NEED ANSWERS!

Tablet computers are no longer for the super rich. See.

9. At your next job interview, you will look amazing.

10. Pirates are going to have a thing in 2014. This is a good thing, matey.

11. The Guardians of the Galaxy stars a talking raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper, obvs) and is apparently the new Star Wars.

12. Alex Turner will continue to dictate how we all dress, and the world will be a cooler place.

13. The Raid 2 is going beat up all other films at the cinema and be generally amazing, in an ultra-violent sort of way.

14. Winter is coming, because Game of Thrones is back in April. Valar Dohaeris.

15. Wimbledon is back! And we’ve got a champion on our hands. 'Mon Andy!

16. Monochrome, florals, and American sportswear. 2014 is going to look amazing. Check out the top trends now.

17. David Grohl continues to exist and make the world a better, louder place.

18. Storm Troopers twerk now! 

19. Soon you will be wearing sunglasses because it's sunny, not because you're hungover.

20. We will continue to bring the latest style and entertainment news, plus interviews with the coolest guys around.

21. Cheese.

22. Kanye West is playing Wireless Festival.

23. Arcade Fire and Kasabian are playing Glastonbury.

24. There are LOADS of other festivals!

25. Before you know it, you'll be pulling on your jersey shorts and heading tio the airport for your holiday. YES!

26. The summer blockbusters include Transformers, genetically modified, very angry chimps, a return to Sin City, plus Expendables and Inbetweeners.

27. We'll be here, bringing the funny to twitter.

28. GODZILLA! (Sorry, there's a new Godzilla film coming out too)

29. We’ll continue to work with the coolest bloggers and fashion insiders to make sure you're looking fly 24/7.

30. Someone will compliment you. Those shoes really suit you, by the way

31. This video. This is your 2014