Different cities have different personalities. And the people that live in them are equally diverse. What's cool in New York, might not fly in London. Big in Paris? Not so much in Sydney. H by Hudson's Les Dawson is the luck man who gets to experience all these cultures and styles, so we asked him what he's learnt about international trends on his travels…


"New York is a big lover of the washed product, specifically boots that have a worn/ vintage look. At Hudson, season on season, the Swathmore always does well with our American customers."

"Is like two different worlds - huge sneaker trends here, but on the flip side they love sleek tailoring, along with lots of lace ups and tassel loafers. The shape of a shoe plays a key role in this market, smooth lines normally lead to a popular shoe."

"This is a huge market for formal footwear. They enjoy seeing an attention to detail in a shoe, this is the key selling point. Constant favourites are Irwin and Ritchie, as well as chelsea boots."

"Here they love the washed product, a key style is the suede chukka, more specifically Cruise. We introduced new colours Brick, Stone and Indigo last season to cater for this market."

"In London we still see a good following of brogue styles. A thicker sole on a round toe is favoured over some of our slimmer cut formals. However, they also love the chunky boots."