The Coen brothers' latest release Inside Llewyn Davis, which stars Justin Timberlake and Oscar Isaac as folk singers in 1960s Greenwich Village, has got critics and audiences whooping about its predictably brilliant soundtrack.

But forget the music for a moment. There probably isn't an Oscar for this, but we need to stop and recognise that this film should also be celebrated for raising the profile of the humble v-neck jumper!

A symbol of understated, timeless style, v-necks are the kind of thing that never date, like a quality pair of brogues or Brad Pitt, but too often get forgotten about. Which is why it's good to see that there's rarely a moment in the film when you don't see one of its leading men, which includes Adam Driver (of HBO's Girls fame), packaged in some enviably tasteful knitwear.

If you're feeling inspired and want to get your hands on something similar, check out our selection of jumpers here. Just layer it over a white crew neck t-shirt for a casual, relaxed vibe, or a buttoned down check shirt if you want to take things up a gear.