You don't have to be a Fred Perry aficionado to appreciate that it's a brand with British music influences and authenticity at its core.

Back in 1952, when Perry launched his first tennis shirt, the only colour option was white. But over the years, the famous Perry aesthetic has evolved to offer a range of colour variations and pattern twists, meeting the demands of various subcultures, including mods and Britpop kids, who appropriated the brand as a sort of uniform.

With such an epic cultural background, it comes as no surprise that Perry has again drawn on British music influences to inspire its latest range. The 45s Collection features graphics and colours of vinyl records, which you can see in the chequered collars and, generally, the whole monochrome vibe. Not only does that make it cool, but also it's also very wearable stuff.

Here are a few of our favourite items from the collection. Probably best to wear with a pair of black skinny jeans and some tidy plimsolls if you want to get the most out of how good these tees look.