Later on tonight, UFC legends Vito ‘The Phenom’ Belfort and Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson go toe-to-toe at UFC Fight Night 32.

Aged 36 and 43 respectively, these two are hardened fighters with long and distinguished careers in the Octagon. And while they usually fight in the middleweight division, they’ll be competing at light heavyweight tonight.

Adding an extra element of excitement, it could be argued that these two men fighting for their careers, with Hendo in particular, looking for a win as this is the last fight on his current UFC deal.

These two veterans first met back in 2006 when Hendo defeated Belfort in a unanimous decision, so there’s seven long years of resentment bubbling under the Brazilian’s battered visage.

Essentially, this is going to be the sporting equivalent of two grizzled old lions duking it out on the Serengeti. And don’t let any quinoa munching hippies tell you that’s not entertainment.

Watch Belfort discuss his fighting philosophy below, then tune into the main event at 1am, Live on BT Sport 1.