There's no manual on how to dress casually, but paying attention to Pull&Bear's latest collection comes close enough.

What is it?
Pull&Bear is the crown prince of laid-back dressing. Essentially, it's a brand with comfort and style at its core, which should appeal to anyone who wants to look good with minimal effort (and expense).

Why should I care?
It's made the humble t-shirt and sweatshirt cool again, using little more than a bit of jersey and some natty slogan prints to do so. Plus, it's new to site, giving you the opportunity to branch out from the usual suspects and scoop something fresh to wear this weekend. Sometimes, a slim, preppy sweatshirt and an ace tee is as smart as it need get on a Saturday, and it nails both.

Just how practical is it?
In a word: very. Let's get this straight; it's not the kind of garb you'd wear for a flash night out. However, it's ideal for, say, darting between 'classy' gastro pubs and, later, the cinema with your girlfriend.

Who wears it?
Intelligent people, who recognise the value of a quality fit and feel. Oh, and a lot of urbane Mediterranean types; after all, Pull&Bear is up there with Penelope Cruz and Estrella as one of Spain's finest exports.

If it were a meal, what would it be?
A grilled tuna steak: satisfying, simple and super tasty.