A brand that specialises in colourful outdoorsy pieces and is impossible to pronounce? Yes please. No seriously, Fjallraven needs to be on your radar now.

WHAT IS IT? A Swedish brand that dates back to the 1960s. It prides itself on hard wearing and durable outerwear

WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT? Because outerwear is a big, big deal right now. Plus, Fjallraven is good at bold colours which give their gear a more contemporary feel. Plus, the brand's backpacks are already a menswear classic.

WHO WEARS IT? From mountain climbers to young, stylish architect types - anyone who likes outerwear clobber with a modern feel can be found decked out in the brand.

HOW ON EARTH DO YOU PRONOUNCE IT? We know, the name doesn't look like it rolls of the tongue. But try FARL RAVEN.

WHAT MEAL WOULD IT BE? Meatballs. A Swedish classic (maybe not from Ikea though. Think a little bit pricier than a bargain).