Don't you hate it when people upload photos of you at multiple parties/nights out and you've carelessly worn the same thing each time? Your tagged pictures make it look like you've either had one massive night out or that you're convinced that particular outfit has magnetic pulling powers.

But everyone needs one strong outfit they can fall back on time and again, especially as we approach the yuletide - what with its flurry of parties, shindigs, dinners, and all manner of festive get-togethers in between - so you might as well make it a good'un.

Here is one such outfit.

A sharply cut blazer, a pair of go-to-hell Grenson brogues, black skinnies and the kind of details (see wallet, pocket square and belt) that propel you from 'friend material' to 'smoking hot' quicker than the time it takes to say 'can I get you a drink?'. And, chances are, no one will tire of seeing you in it a second, third (or more) time...