Would you wear a garish printed shirt in winter?

If the answer's 'no', we understand, but you might want to rethink things, because maybe, just maybe, you're very wrong.

Thanks to shorter days, darker skies and a less-than-cheery disposition, now's the ideal time to experiment with punches of mood-enhancing colour and kitschy, nonsensical patterns, like the three below. Think of it as fashion's answer to anti-depressants or one of those alarm clocks with a lamp in it that simulates sunrise....

Anyway, we're not suggesting you start wearing these around the office, but there's no better way of starting the party this Christmas than rocking some blindingly handsome print while sucking down a litre of eggnog. Plus, they have the added bonus of suggesting you've got a great sense of humour, which, as we can attest to, makes girls think you're really fanciable, even if you're not.