One's an ex-professional diver and the other's a professional artiste. They go head-to-head in a new action film, 'Homefront'. 

Jason Statham (that's the ex-diver turned action hero) plays a retired undercover cop who moves to a small town in Middle America with his daughter for a more relaxing life.

James Franco (that's the artist) plays the redneck meth dealer who takes a dislike to Statham and his wholesomeness. Plus, Statham's daughter has a run-in with Franco's son at the local school.

Add two very random leading ladies: everyone's dream on-screen wife Winona Ryder and full-time clothes horse Kate Bosworth, and you've got the most random cast we've seen in a while.

Still, the film looks very entertaining. Frequent action scenes, menacing looks to camera and Hollywood's sort of elite doing redneck impersonations. We look forward to watching with a family bucket wedged firmly between our knees.