You're probably too busy wiping the meat-sweat from your brow after days of turkey curry consumption to worry about New Year's Eve. But the big night is fast approaching and you need to look really good, if you're going to secure a peck on the cheek (or more) at the stroke of midnight.

Start things off with some sharp-cut tailoring. Take this River Island blazer, for instance; it's classic and adaptable, but comes with an unexpected twist - the lining is spectacularly jazzy. Pull on some black skinny jeans and a white shirt to go with it, keeping things relatively upscale without looking too flash.

Lastly, inject your outfit with the odd idiosyncrasy, like a colourful pocket square or tie pin. This lets people know you've got a personality without having doing anything silly, like wearing a full white suit. The shoes, of course, should be smart and understated. This Paul Smith pair is a strong choice.