The fact that you’re here suggests you’ve decided not to sharpen your elbows and head to the high street scrum for a day of shopping the annual Boxing Day sales. A wise move, sir. 

However, shopping the ASOS sale presents its own set of challenges, especially when there is precious Christmas money and film/football watching time at stake. 

But follow these five handy sale tactics and you’ll emerge stress-free and impressively attired.

1. Load up your basket and decide at checkout
This saves time in the long run and allows for a rigorous assessment of what you actually need before you plug in your card details. 

2. Have a game plan
Are you looking for a specific item or just having a gentle browse? Either way, remember that we’ve filtered the sale items into easily navigable categories, and even picked out the Top 100 items to save you time and effort.  

3. Take a risk
Everyone’s got an item that they’ve always hankered after but never committed to buying, whether it’s a leather jacket or a velvet blazer. With up to 50% off everything in the sale, now’s the time to take a risk and worry about whether you can or can’t pull it off later down the line. 

4. Go wild
You don’t have to carry anything home, so click away. Leave the heavy lifting to the postman and fill your boots. 

5. Get your presents for next year
Imagine the joy you could feel if next year you had no Christmas shopping to do… Do it now (at discount prices) and reap the benefits next December.