There's no better way to calm a catastrophic argument, during a heated game of Rapidough, than by sitting silently for a couple of hours during a family friendly film. Here are our picks for the big day.

Chicken Run - 11am, BBC One
A bit like the Great Escape, but with chickens, this action comedy from the studio that made Wallace and Gromit is genuinely funny, genuinely exciting, and weirdly inspiring.

Spirited Away - 12.45pm, Film 4
Mad as a bag of snakes, this animation from Studio Ghibli, will spin you out as much as it makes you smile. Witches, dragons, weird shadow things, and giant babies. It's all go.

Toy Story 3 - 3.20pm, BBC One
Woody and Buzz return for more high-calibre animated entertainment. Funny, and heart warming, this is film will make even the most cynincal family thaw out for an hour or two.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - 8.30pm, BBC Three
This might have the daftest of the first three Indy movies (we shall not talk of Crystal Skulls), but it's got some of the best action scenes, including the famous runaway mine car chase. Classic.

Love Actually - 10.45pm, ITV
There she is, old reliable. Taking place in a fantasy London where everything is all snowy and there's no graffiti or dog mess, it follows a host of characters, as they deal with the highs and lows of Christmas.