Denmark's uber-trendy capital, Copenhagen, was recently voted the world's happiest city. We're not sure whether this comes as a direct result of being dressed head-to-toe in their native brand, Soulland, but looking that good probably helps.

Here's everything you need to know about Soulland, the crown-prince of Scandinavian style.

Why should I care?

The Danish look has minimalism at its core. You know, a kind of effortlessness brought about by clean cuts, sharp patterns and subtle prints. Soulland has this nailed, and while it prides itself on simplicity, every piece still boasts clever design quirks that give it a cool Scandi-edge.

Just how practical is it?

Denmark gets pretty chilly during winter… so you can be sure Soulland's sweaters are constructed using superb materials. As for its shirts, they're the kind that look good with jeans by day, but can easily be smartened up with a blazer and trousers (with a hefty turn-up) for a night out.

Who wears it?

Anyone looking for an alternative to everyday high-street brands, with an underlying focus on looking that bit better than their mates. Also, anyone who, like us, is obsessed with 'The Killing' and all other Danish exports (Carlsberg, etc).

If it were a meal, what would it be?

A pecan and maple Danish pastry, of course. Like its culinary equivalent, Soulland is sweet and something we'd happily order each morning at breakfast.