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Scrub up for summer

By Sam Higgins, 8 July 2016

We all know the grooming nightmares winter brings. But the summer months offer just as many – if not more – hurdles to overcome when it comes to fixing up and looking sharp. Here are three handy tips to keep you fresh-faced and well-groomed over the next few months.

Tip one: face care

Sun equals heat and heat equals sweat – there’s not much escaping that fact. However, there are easy ways of staying on top of the troubles summer brings, so you can sport a face that’s glowing for all the right reasons. First up – face wash. Get some deep cleanse scrub and use it once or twice a day to keep your face fresh and hydrated and your pores unclogged. Next – moisturise. Massage the cream in first and last thing everyday, to give your face a clean, fresh finish – and, if you’re heading out for the day, choose some with added SPF to give your boat race that extra bit of protection. Finally – exfoliate. It doesn’t matter how strict you are with your routine, dry skin is inevitable, at least in some part. Make this a weekly regular in your grooming schedule and you’ll your face will stay smooth, soft and sweat-free. Lovely.

Tip two: beach hair

If you’re not down for shaving your barnet off for something lighter, there’s an easy solution to giving your current crop light rework for summer. With the help of a bit of salt spray, some styling wax and tactical towel drying, your hair can nail the perfect blend of bed head and surfer shape without the need to even step foot on sand. For a finishing touch, complement your new, messy, textured crop with the key pieces from our surf rat trend and you’ll have yourself an effortlessly-stylish, beach-ready, standout style. Here’s how to nail it.

Tip three: tidy grooming

In warmer weather, your facial hair holds equal importance to the hair on top of your head. It’s all well and good chopping it to a military-standard grade 1 for the sake of a cooler cut, but if you’re chin’s still sporting a big bushy beard, the roasting will continue. So, it’s important to you stay on top of your grooming game, trimming and shaping your beard into the style you want, as you certainly don’t need the embarrassment of shaving it off half way through summer to reveal mutton-chop shaped tan lines on your money maker. This video should help nicely.