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Stylish footballers on Insta

By Anna Heaton, 6 August 2015

If you count the men that grace the grass of football pitches everywhere among your style icons, then listen in. We’ve gathered together a bunch of the biggest sartorial scorers to fill your Instagram feed with. Get following. 

stylish footballers on insta

Picture: Instagram.com/marchisiocla8


Claudio Marchisio

When Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio isn't on the pitch, you can bet money he’ll be caught snapping Instagram selfies, running around the Spanish streets iPhone in hand or posing in discreet cobbled streets in sharper-than-your-average suits and tidy turn-ups. 

stylish footballers on insta

Picture: Instagram.com/danielsturridge


Daniel Sturridge

Labelled by Vice as football’s one true hipster, it’s certain that Liverpool forward Daniel Sturridge has skills that surpass stuffing Fulham with a hat-trick circa the 2012/13 Premier League season. An advocate of the bucket hat, a follow for Sturridge is a follow for on-point streetwear and laid-back style.

stylish footballers on insta

Picture: Instagram.com/official_raul_meireles


Raul Meireles

Known for his regular sartorial smackdowns, Raul Meireles falls firmly under the tatts and beards variety of Insta-cool guy. One look at his feed and you’ll find both the lumbersexual trend and the longline tee among his wardrobe arsenal – you can count the multitude of snapbacks and ever-changing hairdos as a bonus.

stylish footballers on insta

Picture: Instagram.com/xabialonso


Xabi Alonso

New to the Instagram game, Bayern Munich’s midfield magic man and smoothest dresser, Xabi Alonso, promises a feed full of sharp suits, sunnies and backdrops that’ll have you chomping at the bit to book that next city break. It’s early days, but if his life in squares is as good as his real-life wardrobe, we’re excited.

stylish footballers on insta

Picture: Instagram.com/davidbeckham


David Beckham

We hear you – we’re cheating slightly with this one. A footballer of the past he may be, but since joining Instagram on his 40th birthday, we’ve been hooked. A style favourite, a football hero – obviously, we’re obsessed. Follow for follow, Dave?