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Hairstyle of the week #10

By Gavin Jewkes, 28 January 2015

Zayn Malik can’t sneeze without it trending on Twitter, so it should come as no surprise that when the One Direction star gets a new haircut it sends his fandom into meltdown. A simple snip of the scissors can cause a legion of girls to exclaim that they ‘JUST CAN’T EVEN’ at the sight of it. But in the instance of his latest ‘do, it’s not just his army of loyal foot soldiers who lost it, but us too (in a slightly more controlled manner, of course).

hairstyle of the week #10

Picture: @ZaynMalik / Instagram


Malik underwent the full undercut treatment, courtesy of The London Barber’s head honcho Kieron Webb, and the results were, well, pretty ace. Clipped close at the nape of the neck and over his ears, the shave remains harsh all the way up the back and sides. This, coupled with the length that’s been kept on top creates a pretty severe disconnect, leaving him with a man bun that’s part Samurai, part Los Angeles street tough (in a good way).


If you go in for an undercut, keep an eye out for our ‘How to do a man bun’ tutorial, arriving on site tomorrow. And if you’re looking to hit refresh on your hairstyle, make sure to check out the top three must-have cuts for 2015