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Unlikely Style Icon

By Josh Woodfin, 6 January 2014

Happy Birthday, Daryl from The Walking Dead! You’re 44-years-old today. Of all the characters in The Walking Dead - which returns in February - Daryl (aka Norman Reedus) is the coolest, and the hardest. He might be a bit 'oh sad' sometimes, but you would be to if your days consisted of constantly fighting for your survival. That said, the man does it with style. Here's how to get the look.

You can't let people know you care, but equally, you can't just go feral. Keep your beard trimmed to around grade 3 or 4 for perfect post-apocalyptic stubble, and go easy on the styling up top.

Leather jacket
A decent leather jacket can mean the difference between being clawed to death by a zombie, and that not happening. They also make you look cool.

Cargo trousers
You'll need room to carry your knife, water, dwindling food supplies, hittin' stick, and trinkets reminding you of the time before, and there's no better, or more stylish, way than with a decent pair of cargo trousers.

A crossbow
You don't want to be firing guns and making noise when zombies are around, so a crossbow is the perfect substitute. It's individual, light, and looks boss when strapped across your back.

unlikely style icon

Picture: Planet Photos