For the grunge purists among you, forcibly ripping your jeans rather than allowing tears to appear naturally over time may seem a bit contrived. We get your point. But, like many style-savvy gents, we’re an impatient bunch and want to nail the grunge look while it’s still a thing, rather than waiting ages for those cool signs of wear to finally materialise long after the trend has peaked.

That leaves us with two options: the first (and laziest) way is to buy a brand new pair of pre-ripped jeans from, say, ASOS for example. The second route involves upcycling an old pair of denims using a few things you’ll find lying around the house and our easy-to-follow How To video below.

Picture: ASOS

Once the preserve of the 90s hip-hop set and style-conscious Ivy Leaguers, the Hilfiger brand has evolved in recent years to become so much more than the place Snoop and America’s upper crust go to get their logo-emblazoned threads.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the brand’s latest collection from its Hilfiger Denim offshoot label, which offers sophisticated basics, free from the motifs and appliqués that typified collections old. While it’s a toned-down aesthetic, this is still the Tommy we know and love – the quality and fit of these shirts, for instance, marks them out as a cut above, and the progressively discreet use of the red, white and blue logo lends each piece a refreshingly expensive feel.

Just remember to rip carefully, as too many windows of curly leg hair framed by frayed denim is not a strong vibe.

Shop all jeans here.

Picture: ASOS

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, wearing one of these classic styles is a great way to show your date you’ve made an effort without having to go out on a sartorial limb. Go preppy with a twist and wear yours with a pair of structured sweatpants, or keep the look timeless and pull on some slim-fitting chinos.


It goes without saying that wearing too much colour at once can look a bit chaotic (no bad thing, if that’s your vibe). But to prevent you from stepping out looking like you’ve raided a clown’s dressing-up box, keep your palette simple and heed this advice: just add black.

Layering a bold jacket, like this one, over an all-black base layer looks really fresh, because it doesn’t have to compete with any other colours. Plus, when you take the jacket off, it’s an outfit that works well on its own.

See – it is possible to embrace a new hue without fully exiting your monochromatic comfort zone.

Picture: ASOS