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Twinings and ASOS Feel Good Collective

feel-good collective

It’s time to feel-good inside and out
with Twinings and ASOS

ASOS and Twinings have joined forces with an all-girl creative collective to help brighten your day and awaken your senses with unexpected flavour combinations, colourful daily prizes and positive feel-good messages.

Twinings and ASOS Feel-Good Collective Group Picture
Twinings and ASOS Feel-Good Collective Group Picture
Twinings and ASOS Feel-Good Collective Art Work
Twinings and ASOS Feel-Good Collective Art Work

See what
the girls


Tips to colour
your day

colour your wardrobe

Debbie: When I wear lots of colour, clashing prints or try something new and bold, the good vibes radiate – someone recently said to me, ‘your outfit makes me happy!’
Lotte: If you’re wearing something colourful it definitely sets the mood for the day.
Felicity: I have this one yellow suit that says, ‘POW, I’m in the mood!’

Twinings and ASOS Lotte
Twinings Strawberry and Raspberry Tea

Strawberry and Raspberry

A feel-good summer blend. A harmony of sweet strawberry notes and tangy raspberry aromas.


Tips to colour
your day


Lizzie: If I’m worrying about something I go for a swim, once I switch my mind off from the problem, the solution just hits me.
Debbie: I put on a song andjust twerk it off!

Twinings and ASOS Lizzie
Twinings Blackcurrant and Blueberry Tea

Blackcurrant and Blueberry

Bursting with the mouth-watering flavour of blackcurrants and blueberries, this infusion will take you back to your childhood.


Tips to colour
your day

Reflect on your amazingness

Debbie: I think look back at your achievements – it sounds a bit cheesy but sometimes you need to just pause, remind yourself of how far you’ve come and just pat yourself on the back.

Twinings and ASOS Debbie
Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea

green tea

With real ginger pieces and golden syrup flavour, this is an entirely new take on traditional green tea.


Tips to colour
your day

Don’t compare yourself

Felicity: Whether it’s creative work or how we look, our generation is in a bit of a toxic cycle with comparing ourselves and worrying whether we’re good enough. My moto is ‘Self love brings beauty!’

Twinings and ASOS Felicity
Twinings Mango and Strawberry Tea

Mango and Strawberry

The familiar sweetness of strawberries dances with the exotic, rich aroma of mangoes to create this deliciously refreshing blend.


Tips to colour
your day

Write it down

Kay: Give yourself permission to write down what’s on your mind – the good and the bad. I write everyday because it helps me get things off my chest and reflect on my day.

Twinings and ASOS Kay
Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea

Salted Caramel
Green Tea

Sweet but somehow slightly salty. If you love the idea of green tea, but also like the sweeter side of life, this may be the blend for you.


Tips to colour
your day

Get creative

Kelly: Don’t underestimate the power of creativity. I host creative workshops that are all about encouraging people return to their youthful, playful selves. You don’t even have to be good at art for it to put a smile on your face!

Twinings and ASOS Kelly
Twinings Cherry Bakewell Tea

Cherry Bakewell

The almondy cherry taste is delicately softened with smooth vanilla flavour to create a delicious, indulgent green tea blend.


A daily prize to
colour your day

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