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Summer style goals

with Starbucks

As temperatures rise, keep yourself looking on point when you’re on the go with ASOS and a Starbucks Chilled Classic. To get you inspired, we asked some of the stylish girls at the ASOS HQ about their key summer looks and how they keep it cool on a busy day.

Cool girl Freya is a super-talented fashion designer for ASOS’ own range – that statement jumpsuit and sassy skirt you just bought for summer? You can thank Freya for those.



Fashion Designer


(Currently drinking: Caffè Latte)

What’s the most important part of being an ASOS designer?

Deciding on the key silhouettes, colours and fabrics for next season – I’m a perfectionist so this takes forever!

What keeps you going on a busy day?

A comfy heel is important and a cool Caffè Latte keeps my energy up - it's a nice treat that's perfect after a big deadline.

If you could pick one thing to wear all season, what would it be?

My bright pink, cropped jacket, which is as comfy as they come and I can wear it with pretty much anything.

Day to day, you’ll find Debbie helping to get each issue of ASOS Magazine together, but don’t expect to find her at her desk for long – she’s also one of our superstar ASOS Insiders. Whether she’s in the office or at a flashy party, this sharp dresser does it all in a pair of sky-high heels – our hero.



ASOS Insider


(Currently drinking: Caffè Americano)

How do you switch up your style from office to occasion?

Considering I’m always in heels, my work outfits easily suit for a night out with minimal switch-ups! But if I need to polish off my look, a clutch, some statement jewellery and a touch more make-up do the job.

What’s your go-to piece this season?

A pair of ASOS’ pencil-straight trousers – the not-too-skinny skinnies – would be my pick.
And a pair of strappy heels, of course.

You’re always on the go, how do you keep cool?

I’m always on my feet so a caffeine boost is needed – the Caffè Americano is my go-to and getting it in chilled form on a hot day is an added bonus.

Finally, who’s your style a combination of?

Hilary Banks (from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air) and Solange!

Fashion publicity is in goods hands with our cool-as PR maven, Jasmine. Planning international ASOS parties, meeting with editors and getting clothes into your fave celebs’ wardrobes is all in a day’s work.
While this might stress out most people, this globetrotting, minimal style lover doesn’t break a sweat.



Press Officer


(Currently drinking: Caramel Macchiato)

You’re super busy – what’s life like in ASOS PR?

A big part of my job is working with global PR agencies to secure exclusive ASOS brand features in magazines. A lot of my attention, however, is spent on organising international events through the season – like a big magazine launch party in Paris, to an editors’ dinner in Madrid to showcase our new bridal collection.

What would we usually find you wearing?

Usually something minimal and Scandi-inspired – generally I’m quite casual and wear trainers with almost all outfits, but a dark lipstick and some statement earrings definitely switches things up from day to night.

Your job takes you around the world, what are your must-haves for this?

I travel a lot for my job. Planning global events can be exhausting but the experience of different cities around the world makes it all worth it. However, a diary and calendar keeps me together and the Caramel Macchiato is a tasty treat to keep me going through the summer.

Say hello to Laura – besides being an avid photographer, her 9-5 sees her being responsible for the pictures and visual look and feel for many of the articles and campaigns you find at ASOS.com. No easy feat, for sure, but her keen eye for detail and an innate knowledge of what looks good also makes her an in-house style superstar.



Picture Editor


(Currently drinking: Cappuccino)

What does your typical ASOS day look like?

Before I go to work or even get dressed, I’ve checked my emails, picture agencies and Instagram. After about three outfit changes, I get to work and let the editorial teams know about the latest street style and fashion images. It’s fast-paced so having something like a chilled cappuccino goes a long way – it’s the right drink to keep me and my work together.

What’s the key thing to your style?

Layering, which serves me well going from day to night –
literally remove a layer for a slightly different look.

Being an ASOS picture editor is about what?

The aim of the game is to spot that winning image and be the first to post it. You’ve got to know what makes a good picture – there’s nothing more satisfying than spotting a niche trend before it goes mainstream.

Hailing from Lisbon, Anne Sophie is our resident beauty superstar! From major ASOS campaigns to some of the coolest fashion mags worldwide, her fine-art-inspired make-up skills know no bounds.


Anne Sophie

Makeup Artist


(Currently drinking: Caffè Americano)

What’s the best part of being a make-up artist?

First off, I’m allowed lots of creative freedom – researching and working with great stylists and photographers are all part of the process, and it’s great. Also, every day is different, whether it’s the people, the locations or even discovering new countries. I’ve been lucky!

If you could give us your favourite day-to-night make-up tip for SS16, what would it be?

If you know my work, you’ll know I’m a big fan of glitter dust. It’s a fun look that’s easy to do for day and night. If you want to add a little evening drama, though, try a bit of lipgloss on your eyelids – yes, I said lipgloss.

Your job takes you everywhere – what keeps you going?

Coffee and music are super important – a chilled Caffè Americano goes a long way in the morning and a fun playlist full of Brazilian bossanova gets me and the models in a good mood before a shoot.

Meet Emily – a member of ASOS’ hardworking buying team, dropping into showrooms around the world to
decide what clothes to sell and spotlight new trends. In other words, she’s basically picking all of your future faves!





(Currently drinking: Caffè Americano)

What does your day look like?

No day is ever the same in fashion buying – I’m usually working with merchandisers and designers to create new ASOS collections for next season. Hot tip; expect a big casualwear trend next season – think cosy, oversized sweat tops and bottoms.

You’re constantly spotting trends as a buyer – where do you find them?

Blogs, street-style stars and fashion week are great, but more of my inspiration comes from travelling to faraway cities to explore different cultures and their trends.

Tell us about the things you can’t live without?

Definitely coffee – I’m feeling the chilled Caffè Americano this summer; Instagram, for constant inspiration in and out of work; and a bit of lip gloss, for those oh-so-necessary spruce-ups between meetings.

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