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Bourjois Limited Edition Smile Gloss Set SAVE 40%

Product Details

Limited Edition Smile Gloss by Bourjois
  • Lipgloss duo for a dazzling smile
  • Tooth-brightening gel to apply directly to the teeth
  • Gentle formula containing blue-coloured pearls and brightening agents for an instant result
  • Designed for daily use
  • Dazzling lipgloss formulated with pigments to enhance tooth brightness




Injecting a little Parisian flare into their cosmetics line, Bourjois consistently brings forth innovative products with a quality finish. Continuously evolving, Bourjois created the first double ended mascara, while striving to improve the texture and finish of their finely milled powders. As a nod to their heritage, Bourjois’ celebrated Little Round Pots have been adorned with vintage inspired Parisian scenes.