All over the Americas, patriotic paraphernalia has been buried in the closet until next year and an absurd amount of red plastic cups are stacked in the trash. The Fourth of July festivities are over, and largely due to the hella FOMO-inducing moments spilling onto Taylor Swift's Instagram we felt (somewhat) connected to the phenom. T hosted her annual summer bash this past weekend in Rhode Island, and the squad was out in full-force — including Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt and HAIM. Oh, and her mega-talented slash insanely gorgeous DJ BF Calvin Harris (the 'gram below already has over 2 million likes — casual). Not only was the crew on point, but so was her ensemble: Tay wore a high waisted, seersucker bikini from ASOS (!) that will make your retro swimsuit dreams come true. Mad love is an understatement.

ASOS Seersucker Check Longline Bikini Top $39
ASOS Seersucker High Waisted Bikini Bottom $21

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