Incapable of pinning anything besides vintage Jane Birkin snaps? Find yourself humming Bee Gees tunes on the subway and describing things as "groovy"? You're not alone. Yes, the '70s craze is everything — but in the process of making space in your closet for disco duds, there's a good chance that other sartorial slam dunks have been neglected. Namely, skinny jeans. Skinnies have been a constant in our outfit arsenal for years, and they've recently been benched while the world falls in <3 with flares. So, for a winter 2k15 refresh, team your trusty tight denim with a maxi shirt. Think of it is a fresh take on rocking dresses over pants (Emma Watson, we're lookin' at you) — but slightly more casual and perfect for all of your comfy needs. See? Proof that you don't need to play favorites in fashion.

How Karlie Kloss makes summer black work.

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