On a scale of one to very-freakin-hyped, how excited are you for Secret Garden Festival this weekend? We thought so. Us too! That’s why — in our quest to get even more hyped — we went straight to the source. Secret Garden has some amazing local acts on the bill and we've picked their brains to find out what song gets them in the mood to party Read and listen to their picks below. Now bring on the freakin’ weekend! 

Client Liaison
Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light
‘The lush surroundings of Secret Garden have a certain mystical quality, especially at night-time which puts us in the mind of Scissors Sisters' Invisible Light. A foreboding sense of anticipation builds as you are guided to a point of crescendo via one ravenous roto-tom drum fill: submit yourself to the ecstasy that ensues.’

UV Boi فوق بنفسجي  
Rick Ross - Blowin’ Money Fast
‘I know I’m gonna have a lit day when Blowin Money Fast comes on shuffle on my mobile. Ricky Rozay goes in and Lex Luger straight murdered the beat.’

Ryan Paris - La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris, because even if I'm lying in bed and not wanting to leave the house, the first few bars get me up and at 'em like a delicious night-time bowl of Weet-Bix.’

Shantan Wantan Ichiban
Nicky Minaj - Trini Dem Girls
‘Can the word 'pum pum' be said too many times on a track? I don't think so. On this one Nicki reps her Trinidad roots. Love the energetic hip hop meets dancehall feels. I should spend some time prepping my set for Secret Garden, but I am quite sure my week will be sucked up booty popping around my living room in my undies to this song on repeat.’

Billy Joel - Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
‘You’re about to be at a festival for a whole weekend listening to nothing but pump-up jams. You know what you won’t hear? Seven and half minutes of Billy f**kin’ Joel recounting the relationship of a teenage couple from his favourite Manhattan restaurant! Pump up the jam!'

Pharrell Williams - Angel
‘I like this song a lot because it has made me want to boogie since I heard it when I was 10 and it G’s me up for any scenario, especially a festival.’

Mike Who
Split Decision Band - Watching Out
‘HYPE to the power of infinity... I'll be listening to this on repeat on my drive to Secret Garden.’