Imagine getting paid to attend the festivals! That’s exactly what Divine Event’s general manager Paige Jones signed up for when she gave up singing opera (seriously) to pursue interior styling for the VIP and chill-out spaces at all your fave festivals. Who better to answer that important annual question: what should I wear to Future this weekend?

Tell us about your role.
I'm the general manager at Divine Events – we specialise in styling everything from large scale festivals to intimate dinner parties. 

What's your favourite part of the job?
The creative component is what keeps me going. Bringing an idea to life is the most rewarding thing ever.

How did you get into this line of work?

I really lucked into styling – I was completing a bachelor’s of music in opera performance when I got chatting to a stylist in a fabric shop in Nashville, TN. We hit it off and she asked me to work for her!

What's the greatest live set you've seen at a festival?
Probably The Rubens or The Wombats. They are both a bit swoony and have such a great energy live.

What was your first festival experience like?
My first festival was Warped Tour in the US when I was about 16. My friends and I knocked around the mosh pits and had a blast. 

Weirdest thing you've witnessed at a music festival? 
I once saw a guy sneak his cat into a festival under a fence. It had a little leash and a harness.

Style advice for punters? What should they bring?
Lightweight layers and sensible shoes are the best things you can possibly have for a festival IMHO.