Where do you even start with BANKS? The LA-based songstress (whose full name is Jillian Banks FYI) is known for her lush sounds and supernatural-sounding debut album Goddess, but she’s also super approachable. She even has her phone number on Facebook. While touring Australia for Laneway recently, we took time to pick her brain about all things festival-related, including some choice tips for looking like a Goddess yourself — even in the heat

What's the first festival you went to and who played?

Coachella - The Weeknd.

Greatest on-stage memory?
Poland. I walked through the crowd, right down the middle during ‘Goddess'.

What's the weirdest thing you've witnessed at a festival?
Nothing really seems weird at a festival!

What would you dream festival line up look like?
Fiona Apple. Lauryn Hill. Kendrick Lamar.

Style advice for festival attendees this year?
Be free and comfortable and you.

What are your 10 festival essentials?
Your best friend, moisturiser, a ring that you can wear on your middle finger to make you feel special, freckles, a happy mood, a little purse that hangs easily on your shoulder that won't fall off, cocoa butter chapstick for smooth lips and face wipes. That’s only eight but I can’t think of any more!