Remember 'hair bits', aka piling your hair up in a pony or topknot and leaving a good few long strands hanging at the front for a totally 90s 'I woke up like this' finish? The Spice girls owned the look back in the day, and now gals like Kendall Jenner and Maisie Williams, pictured, are getting in on the action for a throwback feel. But how to achieve 'hair bits' perfection? As every 90s girl knows, if you put the pony in first then pull out the strands, you’ll get pesky bumps and lumps all over the shop… and if you try and isolate the strands before tying back, you could be left with too much hanging out (#thestruggleisreal). The trick is to make the ponytail with your hands, then get the strands absolutely right in the mirror. Next, smooth the finished ponytail sans bits with the hairbrush before fastening with a band. You can also twist into a bun if you want. Simples! 

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