If your FB feed looks anything like ours RN, it is – in no hyperbolic terms – inundated with engagement selfies (surely there’s a specific word for that by now?), left-hand close-ups and a delicately curated sequence of the ring, bridal and shooting star emojis. Basically, everyone is getting hitched. Maybe even you! Yay! And, aside from navigating complicated bridal party politics, as a guest, you’ve got another minefield to cross: the outfit. Whether you’re off to a daytime do, black-tie nuptials or a highly Instagrammable barn for that suspender-wearing hipster duo, we’ve curated an edit of can’t-go-wrong dresses and accessories. These pretty yet pared-back pieces will see you through literally any one of the many wedding-related events coming your way, from the photo booth to the third round of Nutbush City Limits (and beyond).  

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