Are you ready to be as snug as a bug in a rug? Like, literally? Good. Because even thought we're heading into the new season, blankets are big accessory business. The Burberry initial-embroidered blanket scarves, which showcased at London Fashion Week (and are amazing), cost an arm and a leg. But if that's a bit beyond your means, fret not – we have options! Although it might sound a bit too wintry for now, jump on while you still can - mornings are still fuh-reezing and weekend nights out still call for outerwear. As you'll see via this snuggly, stylish bunch below, the time to wear is now in place of a coat or jacket. Why? Because you can wear it solo and sleek for now, and later: we predict these babies will be huge news again in 2015. Here are three ways to wear yours, whether it's Burberry, ASOS or straight from your sofa.