If your Instagram feed’s making you feel like you're the only one rocking SPF 50+ and a wide-brimmed hat at the beach, then don’t be down: give yourself a sunny mini makeover. Fake it 'til you make it, people!

Skin: Exfoliating and brightening products are key to getting your glow on, and anything containing vitamin C is also your friend. Use an exfoliating scrub or mask, then a dose of vit C brightening serum under your usual moisturiser.

Make-up: Don’t go mad and pile on a ton of bronzer – instead, just apply to the sides of your face and cheek hollows. Add highlighter to your cheek and brow bones, then blend like crazy. Smudge a bit of creamy metallic eyeshadow into the centre of your eyelid and curl your lashes to make you look wide awake.

Hurr: Curl your locks into big waves (or sleep in loose plaits) then use sea salt spray to muss it up. Styling oil on the tips will beat frizz and give you that healthy shine.

Et voilà! Sun-kissed without the burn.

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