If you want to megawatt-wow over Christmas, sequins should be your number one pick. Hence ASOS Production Editor, Lucinda Greasley is putting her order in now.

Gimme why? This is the perfect Christmas Day dress, worn with steezy sandals only. Then come New Year's day, I'll be sassing it up with heels and bling to boot!

Regifting: yes or no?  Nu-huh. Just not good manners.

My gift-wrapping style… Keep the paper simple, it's all about the ribbons. Collect lots of colours and textures, twist and tie into pretty bows. I used to work in a gift store, and you need to remember to tie with a Bunny Ear bow – honestly, it makes all the difference!

Vanessa Bruno Athe Shift Dress in Sequin, $491 

Got a boy to buy for? Deputy Editor Alex Butt has a pressie suggestion for you.

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