Small is the new big in the bag world. Or should we in fact say, teeny-weeny? Because this season IT bags are truly miniscule. 

The mini bag is already on the arm of every A-list LA girl, and foremost adopters of the mini are our girls Riri and Kendall; Ri preferring Louis Vuitton's trunk bag and Kendall the Celine Nano luggage tote.  

But how to identify an ideal mini? Firstly, it's not a clutch people, we repeat - not a clutch. Ideally you want your new xxs holdall to look exactly like a normal bag that’s been through a hot wash and shrunk (hardware and all). Key to nailing the overall mini steez is to ensure you're look is super casj: these bags look best with sweaters, trainers, pixie boots and bling (see Kendall's crew for notes). Besides that? The more colourful the better, two at a time totally werks and take a leaf out of Kendall’s tiny book and try some furry bag charms to jazz things up. 

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