Sick of your commute playlist? Ditto. Well, fear not. It's time to get some Lena Dunham and One Direction chat all up in yo ears! 

First up: Lena took part in Radio 4's Women's Hour to discuss her book, Not That Kind Of Girl, and floored us with her smarts and charm (no news there, then). Standout quote: 'I've often been accused of dressing like a toddler or a lunatic. I don't ascribe to typical red-carpet fashion ideals and I don't care about being on the best-dressed lists'. Listen here.

Then, all the members of 1D were interviewed by Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1. From this we learned three very important things. 1: Zayn still uses a Nokia. 2. They are all on the hunt for 'a winter girlfriend' (whatevs that means). 3. Harry's voice is very low and very slow: one Twitter user @deejy1D kinda summed it up for us: 'Harry's voice! Reason to live! Listen here.

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