Bust out your beach bag and dig up that trusty salt spray—beach days are back and probably (definitely) won’t be going anywhere until, like, April 2015 (a bit ambitious? Erm, maybe). Sure, you’ve got your fail-safe black bikini in tow—no weird tan-lines happening there!—and a steezy scuba one-piece that’d give Gisele a run for her surfbordt, but what about a super-fun, super-novel printed cossie for your ever-growing swimwear arsenal? Think 80s-style roller girl prints, ice cream and slushie bikinis (not enough to just eat those bad boys, y’know?!) and this panda-emblazoned scoop-back swimsuit. Because, pandas. More goodness here ☟ ☟ ☟

Get your Evil Twin swimwear while it's hot. Literally.

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