Did Sienna Miller realise that her 'do for this weekend’s NYC premiere of The Foxcatcher would make her into our poster girl for just-spent-five-hours-at-the-beach hair? Maybe not, but we’re giving her the credit nonetheless. We’re strongly advising this catwalk look be attempted IRL for loadsa chic points: anything that passes off that 'walking into the office soaking wet' moment for a 'fashion moment' is something we’re happy to get involved in.

Plus, it’s not as scary as it sounds. In fact, as ASOS hairstylist Charlotte Pannell explains, it’s rather straightforward... even when you haven't been swimming up a storm! 'First blow dry your hair until it's 90% dry. Run a palm-sized amount of mousse from your hair's roots to tips using your fingers. Then just allow to air-dry before you leave the house.' Or, you know, go for that dip, add mousse, and go!

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