Breton stripes are the ultimate signpost of a chic wardrobe (just ask Alexa Chung, who was repping a dress version in New York), but if you’re tired of your usual stripes, may we introduce to you the latest marinière upgrade? Meet the vertically striped shirt.

The new vertical stripe you’re looking for is marker-pen thick (or Sharpie width at the very least) in classic shades of black, navy or red over crisp white cotton. Your shirt should whisper yacht trips, gallery visits and lunches on the lake, AKA total Hamptons swag. Rihanna was seen half-tucking hers into slim trousers and Alexa (you again, tsk, too stylish) reps hers with pink denim. Time to pick up on the preppy vibes, pronto.

BTW, clompy 70s platforms are totally having a mo too. They'd look amaze with your new stripy shirt.