Contrary to what Twitter might be suggesting after the Germany vs Argentina match, Germany is about so much more than football. But in the spirit of last night's epic win, here is a (rly fashiony) list of seven other reasons to be excited about DE this week:

1. Berlin Fashion Week 
It just went down! Check out the week's super-pinnable street style and read all about our fave German bloggers here.

2. Karl Lagerfeld and his cat
Karl is a fashion win all on his own, but yesterday Thames & Hudson announced that Choupette:The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat, a book all about his pet cat, is coming out in September.

3. Birkenstock
The ultra-sensible sandal that's trending right now...

4. …And Dr. Martens (based in the UK, but founded by a German).
They're good at their orthopaedic footwear in Germany.

5. Markus Lupfer
Favoured designer of a certain Miley Cyrus, and sold at ASOS. 

6. Falke socks
One-piece wardrobe win (and also the best thing to wear with your Birkenstocks). 

7. Johannes Huebl on Instagram
So hot. So sensitive. And he watched the Germany vs Brazil game with Valentino! So fashion