Can we talk about headwear please? Now, we know that bucket hats are all well and good, but sometimes we're after something a little more sophis'. And snapback caps? They're excellent for going out, but they're kind of a commitment (once it's on, it's on). So bring on the felt hat – fedora, stetson, Mountie (hell, if it makes Pharrell Happy…) – as seen on Amber Heard, Cara Delevingne, Langley Fox and inevitably Harry Styles. 

For Amber, visiting fiance Johnny Depp on the set of Black Mass yesterday, it smartly removes bride vibes from her white crochet skirt and cream T-shirt combo. For the others – and you – it not only gives a shot of snazz to your threads, but also helps you avoid the very worst kind of hat hair, when worn to the back of your head with the rim behind your hairline (while also keeping you warm). One in every colour, please!