The humble cotton crew-neck T-shirt is back. Not that it ever really went away – but, you know, there are a lot of other showier tops out there right now (loudmouth slogans, we're looking at you). Made from pure cotton in plain white, black or grey (a Breton stripe at a stretch), form-fitting (but never skintight), neat with a round neck that reveals clavicles but never cleavage, and sitting neatly on the hips (never cropped), the humble crew-neck tee was never going to be an attention-grabber. But in a world of bum selfies, side-boob and bikini-line split skirts, wearing a neat little T-shirt is a quiet revolution all on its own. Wear with blue jeans, maybe adding a pair of gold hoops, and see if you don't suddenly come over all perfect-looking.

Picture: Actress Jane Birkin, photographed in 1974, knew how to give good T-shirt