Weekends are all about parties, mates and mega long hangs. Yes please! But these happy times also require a whole lot of extra kit. Like, how are you going to capture all those special moments when you accidentally drop your phone in a jug of sangria? What are you going to pack your contribution to the catch-up picnic in? And how can you nail the novelty gift thang for your BFF's housewarming? Well, in answer to all the above (and also because we get that ASOS is pretty big), check out this edit of the stuff you didn't know ASOS sold. From fish-eye cameras and a totally tropical tent (hello, Splendour!) to neat little lunchboxes and handy mini fans, you'd be surprised what you can find in our gift section. Like we needed another excuse to go shopping.

Check our 90s edit of the epic ASOS sale here.

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