Life's full of surprises, isn't it? When you were at school, rolling up the waistband on your midi skirt was totally the done thing, but fast-forward to 2014 and the nan-appropriate ankle-grazer is the nowest skirt length around. Perfect for a sleek event, Alexa Chung’s already been there and done that (obvs) and shown how the just-longer-than midi looks rad with a crop top. For an even more now upgrade, think about a long-on-long silhouette. Like British actress Janet Montgomery (below right) at MaxMara & W magazine’s Women In Film cocktail party in LA last night, you can play peak-a-boo with a sheer-panel sweatshirt or try out Masters of Sex star Caitlin FitzGerald’s way (below left) and show your sway with a tunic top. Go against your instinct and let it all hang out rather than tucking it in and balance the fulsome cuts with minimal sandals and a clutch. Event-appropriate slam dunk, scored.