Clack, clack, clack: the sound of the 90s is back! Yep, the mule is big news once again. But this season, the classic shoe has had a cool-over: it’s less Manolo/Carrie Bradshaw-dainty, and more minimal/cool. Thanks to the SS14 catwalks by Phoebe Philo at Céline, Victoria Beckham and Chloé, the mule you need to know about is thick and sleek, with a chunky heel and a whole lotta attitude. Think of it as the big sister of the slider – nice 'n' relaxed but with a dash more swagger. 

And how to wear it? Trial with awkward-length trousers at work, like blogger Brittany from Thrifts & Threads, pictured right, (the chunky shoe will balance the wide trouser) or with a miniskirt, like model and DJ Harley Viera-Newton (centre) for 90s-night-out fabulosity.

Here's another retro fashion statement that's Having A Moment.